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Square Inch London was founded by Damien Finnegan, an exceptionally experienced Chartered Building Surveyor, developer and investor with a consistent track record of delivering successful projects.

Damien set up Finnegan Property Services in 2007 and developed a highly respected, award winning surveying and project management business working with investors, private and public companies, developers and public bodies.

In 2017, after ten years at the helm, Finnegan Property Services was sold to a major competitor. Damien is now involved as an advisor to the Board.

Damien has been involved in the property sector for 20 years and started investing in 2005. Whilst he continues to build his investment portfolio he focuses on his passion for developing underutilised assets and getting the best planning permissions possible to create great outcomes not just for the investors but also for vendors, the surrounding communities and the environment alike.

Damien is a recognised industry expert and acts as a mentor and advisor helping maximise returns from projects and developments through his knowledge and expertise in creating added value through planning permission and innovative funding arrangements.

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Damien Finnegan BSc (Hons) MRICS
Chartered Building Surveyor


Over the years Damien has built a highly experienced and efficient team of professionals including Architects, Engineers, Planning Consultants, Surveyors, Project Managers, Interior Designers and Construction Teams. The team includes other specialist professionals all with the varied expertise and experience required to deliver the complexities of the varying types of projects we get involved in.

Eanna Kelly ACCA CeMAP®

Michaela Juskova

Stephen Finnegan BSc (Hons) MSc

Natalie Wills BSc
Property Management

Dan Bond MRICS
Project Management

Lee Davison MRICS

What We Do

Square Inch London is a London based property acquisition, investment, development, and joint venture specialist that works with partners to deliver successful projects that create added value and maximum returns for all stakeholders. We also act as a mentor and advisor to vendors, developers and investors to help them get the most out of their property ventures.

We look to create added long term value, deliver high yielding outcomes and develop strong working relationships with our partners.

Our proven strategy

  • Securing opportunities: Providing transparent deal structures to facilitate and provide security for all stakeholders
  • Funding: Innovative and competitive finance structures to enable projects to move forward successfully
  • Adding value: Through formulating and implementing appropriate planning strategies to optimise value
  • Delivery: Providing a proven and professional procurement and project management service to ensure successful and timely delivery of projects

We specialise in

  • Purchasing property and land with innovative financing structures for complex or distressed transactions
  • Joint ventures with property and land owners and other professionals
  • Advising and mentoring owners (vendors), partners and investors to mitigate risk and maximise returns for all stakeholders

We recognise that every project is different: This could be to develop and retain or develop and sell; or simply to enhance value through planning and realise the added value through a disposal to another party.

We benchmark our success by your success, through maximising the outcome for all stakeholders from every opportunity.

It is not about how big we can build, it’s about how we can add value for all stakeholders, the local community, council, business, residence etc... We are all investors in some way and it is our duty to make sure everything we do supports the big picture.

If you have a project or a site or are interested in investment and would like to have an initial conversation or you have some questions etc. please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us, in confidence, at any time.